Easy Bridesmaid’s Gift Ideas

Easy but Awesome Gifts for You Best Gals

Let’s be real for a second. Being a bridesmaid is a ton of work. That’s why when you are the bride, getting the ultimate gift for your pals who have stood by you and helped you prepare is so important. But guess what, it’s hard. Not all of us are great gift givers, then add the stress of wedding planning on top of that, yeah, no. We don’t magically become awesome at gift giving. The opposite happens, we have “bride brain”, it’s so real, and are stumped for ideas.

Don’t fret! I’ve got you covered with my picks for truly awesome gifts for your bridesmaids that require minimal brain power.

Teak and Twine

I wish I’d come up with this idea. It’s so Martha Stewarty and so so me. They have themed boxes with various gifts. And you can shop by price point. Choose the one that most fits each of your girls, you can and should mix and match based on individual preferences. Don’t make the mistake I did by giving everyone the same gift. Oops. Sorry girls!  I love Teak and Twine so much I actually use them for my client gifts. Plus it’s a small business owned and run by amazing women. Yes to women supporting women! (PS I’m totally not getting paid or shopping credits for talking about them. I just love you all that much).


I am a huge fan of Causbox. I am on a mission in life to make as many/all of my purchases ethical and sustainable. Causebox is a quarterly subscription box full of fairtrade, ethically made goods. You don’t have to subscribe each of your girls to a year, order one for each of them and pass them out before the wedding. Each package comes with a booklet explaining the story behind the goods so you ‘ll know exactly how the products are impacting the world for the better.

Globe In

You might be noticing a theme here with boxes. It takes so much mental energy out of the gift buying process to pick a curated themed box full of goodies your friends will love. Globe In is a company I’ve run across a few times, but yet to purchase from. Checking them out again, I’m psyched to add the to my list of places to shop. They sell artisan crafted goods individually, or my favorite, in themed packages making gifting your maids something unique to their personalities super easy. With themes like Picnic, Love, Hydrate, Bathe, and many more you’ll find something for everyone. Check out there Impact tab and it tells you the exact stats of work and support provided for the artisans.

Bespoke Post 

I love Bespoke Post. I’m a current subscriber. While it’s marketed towards men, a lot of the gifts are universal or are perfect for your rugged gal pals. What’s so awesome is that the goods in the box are high quality, often made in America, and the value of the goods in the box is always way more the the $45 it costs. Plus you get to skip any month you don’t want to order and you can choose the box you want so it’s custom. Do me a favor and if you do subscribe  please go through my link here so I can get some shopping credits. A girl’s gotta eat…. or something like that.

That’s all I’ve got. But this is a pretty stellar list if you ask me. All you have to do is choose a site, choose the gift box, and either have the gifts shipped direct to your friends or to yourself to hand out in person. Let me know if you try any of them and what you think!

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