Living With Intention: Check-In

Living with Intention

Since we are just past half-way through the year, I thought it would be a good idea to check in on my desire to live with intention. If you missed this post about why¬† I don’t set New Year’s resolutions anymore, check it out to catch up.

The three words I chose to inspire me to live with intention were: Joy, Growth, and Adventure. Let’s start with joy.


Have I been intentionally choosing joy in my life this year? I’m giving myself an A on this one. You might know that I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety in the past but that I also have done an extreme amount of self-care/ inner work to improve my conditions, and it’s paying off. Finally. For example, on a day I’m feeling a little blue or maybe even a lot depressed, I can shift my mindset from fear that depression is going to set in to the present moment. When I tune into the present moment I start to notice things in my environment that bring me joy. For example, my twelve-year-old chow-mix is usually snoring away. Sometimes he sounds like a pig. Focusing on my adorable, loyal best friend making the sweetest sound in the world, brings me instant joy or contentment. Noticing how my kitty sleeps on his back stretched out across his favorite chair, looking at the art I’ve chosen to decorate my walls, looking at my surroundings and remembering the transformation that has gone on since we bought the house and renovated upstairs. These things all bring me joy even when I’m feeling down. Do you feel me? Make sense?


Wow, as soon as my mind began to contemplate how I’ve been intentional in my growth, my brain lit up with so many instances. Some examples: I coordinated a photo shoot taking place in California from my little home in Chicagoland in a month. I traveled by myself to Spain for a workshop after swearing off of traveling alone about 8 years ago when my two most recent solo trips had been extremely stressful and miserable at times. Not only did I travel alone, but I had a blast while doing it. No extreme stress! Woot! Smaller examples in my daily life. I listen to business podcasts by women who inspire the heck out of me. I read about photography and technique. I plan trips and learn about the appeal of different locations for travel. Growth has been an easy one for me. I was in a shell for so long that nothing was going to hold me back anymore. It’s been a great year of growth.


I could do better on this. I’m giving myself a B-. While I did find adventure in escape (California and Spain), I’m not doing great at bringing it into my daily life. I often find myself bored but feeling weighed down by some invisible force. It’s so true that a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion. My work typically consists of sitting behind the computer and man once I’m down, I stay down. I’m going to bring the intention of living an adventurous life to front of mind in the coming weeks. I still haven’t paddle boarded or hiked the dunes this summer. And I’ve only gone on one bike ride. While I do have some legitimate reasons for not loving adventuring by myself around home (i.e. bitten by a dog, harassed by strange man in truck), it’s not an excuse to stay sedentary, especially when I know how much joy bike riding brings me.

What about you? If you check back into your goals and intentions set at the beginning of the new year, how would you rate yourself? Are there things you need to bring front of mind again? What’s going well? What’s been the easiest for you? Tell me in the comments. I love to connect.

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