Easy Gifting for the Groomsmen


Easy Gifting for Groomsmen

Gifting for guys is hard. You want to get your groomsmen something they will use after the wedding day and truly appreciate, but what to get?  Below I share a few of my favorite finds to help you out.


One of the best and most useful groomsmen gifts Kevin, my husband, has received is a set of pint glasses that are monogrammed with his initials. These monogrammed rocks glasses would be a great gift for groomsmen. Barware is a nice alternative to the cliche flask, and it’s much for functional. If you are using a flask daily or even weekly you probably shouldn’t be drinking at all… so skip the flask and go with some classy rocks glasses.

Bespoke Post

Another excellent options is a Bespoke Post Box. It’s a $45 subscription box that has a different theme each month. You can buy multiple at a time and choose from several themes at a time. The goods are always high quality as well. You can choose from so many options which allows you to choose a different one for each of your guys but stay at the same price point. I seriously love Bespoke Post. It’s made gifting for the men in my life so much easier. (If you sign up, use my referral code please and thanks.)


Docking Station/ Dresser Top Organizer

This organizer is not only easy on the eyes but also really functional for keeping accessories organized. This would go perfectly on top of a dresser or on an entry table where you can grab your sh*t and head out the door. Having it customized with the guy’s name, initials, favorite quote or whatever would be a nice touch.

Classic Leather Goods

I love the idea of a high quality, nice leather wallet, belt, or toiletry bag. Nisolo has amazing artisan crafted leather goods all at a decent price point for gifting your guys. Leather goods are definitely my go to if I really want to impress my giftee. These items never go out of style and the patina they get with age only adds to how classy they look. If you decide to purchase from Nisolo, use my referral code to get $25 off a $100 order.

That’s what I’ve come up with for now. Let me know if you end up deciding on any of these or if you have any ideas you want to share. I know it’s exciting to find an excellent gift so feel free to tell us all about it!

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