New Year, New Intentions 2019

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New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve I spent the day with my husband cleaning our house and prepping food for our NYE party (for 2). Right around the time we sat down to settle in with drinks and have a good time, I was struck by a migraine so bad I had to go to bed. I’m still really sad about this. But something I learned from how disappointed I felt, even the next day, is that New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. I love the optimism and clean slate a new year brings us. And since I gave up on resolutions and have poured all of myself into healing and wellness, I’ve gotten pretty damn good at setting myself up for a new year and meeting new intentions that change me for the better.

2018 was quite a year and looking back I have to say I lived up to my intentions in a way that I’m so proud of. The follow through of living through these intentions didn’t look quite like I thought it would, but in the end things worked out for the best and have set me up so perfectly to go into 2019 ready to keep up my energy. Speaking of energy, well, it’s my word of the year for 2019.

One of the biggest disappointments/challenges of coping with trauma and living with anxiety and depression was the loss of energy. I’ve put so much energy into my healing the past three years that there just wasn’t much leftover for anything else. But the past couple of months my body has been giving me signs that it is craving movement again. Regular physical activity and working out were part of my routine in the past, and it’s becoming clear my body is ready to act more like it’s old self. This is very exciting for me!

Intention: Energy

What does energy as an intention even mean? Well to me it means cooking meals, baking cakes, going for walks and bike rides, yoga, trying spin and barre class, cleaning my house more regularly. All the things I miss doing or have wanted to do/try/do more of the past few years but haven’t felt like.  Intention of energy means when I fall into a rut, pulling myself out before I stagnate. It means doing more of the things that I know energize me and less of the things that don’t. I know myself well enough by now knowing what behaviors fall into which category is easy.

Creating Energy

Things that energize me: morning exercise, leaving the house at least once a day, daily meditation, cooking/baking, doing hobbies, working on my business, socializing with my friends, laughing with my husband, facetiming my family, massage, chiropractic care, working on my posture to reduce body pain, gardening, interior design, taking supplements, listening to my body and my gut, working from my desk most of the time, decorating my home, acceptance…


Things that drain me: Netflix all day in the background even if I’m working and being productive, too much Instagram, Facebook, too much time looking at inspiration on pinterest and not enough time creating things, working from the couch all day, clutter, online shopping, trying to have control of everything, drinking just to drink…

Action Steps

I’m feeling so good about this intention. Today I joined the YMCA and took a yoga class. They have many classes I’m looking forward to taking. I ordered a new cookbook this weekend and have already made 3 recipes. I rearranged my office so it’s more pleasant to work in. I got a book on creating better vibes in your home and am working on the living room currently. I took a bath! (you guys, I hate bathing, my hair is a nightmare when wet- but being clean is so good!) Today I acknowledged my typical afternoon slump and instead of soothing my lonely/sadness with a drink or random eating, I took a bath, put on lotion, and my caftan.

You see, it’s little things in each day. Always noticing what I need, want, feel and then deciding what action to take in order to live up to my desire of having energy.

Do you set resolutions, intentions, word of the year, or other goals? Tell me about it! I’d love to hear what you are doing in 2019 for yourself.

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