Hi! I'm Samantha. Photographer. Planner. Traveler. Creator of Beauty. I'm a former small town girl. I never quite fit into the small town vibe but that's alright with me. I have a big love of the city. Chicago holds my heart and is my home. 'When can I go to New York again?' is a thought often on my mind. And 'you've got to go to Madrid!' comes out of my mouth at least once a month. 

I'm self-taught but have workshopped and learned from the best of the best in the industry. Beth Kirby of Local Milk. JoAnne of Josephiney Photography. Kortni Ellet Photography. Jamie Findlay Photography. Not to mention my natural eye for gorgeous aesthetics.

Traveling the world fulfills me in a way nothing else could. Making my way around a city in a place I don't speak the language invigorates me. I want to see and try it all. I've been to 7 countries in 10 years and plan to add as many more as I possibly can. I've got my eye on Morocco and Croatia at the moment.  

My travel expertise, photography love, and Type A organization and planning skills all come together so that I can plan and photograph your destination elopement. I love this because it takes the utter horror that is the stress of a wedding out of the picture for you, making your engagement a peaceful and joyful time. This is why I do what I do. 


Rushing in the mornings, small mindedness, talking but saying nothing, overhead lighting,airport layovers, being out of coffee, following the status quo

I Don't Love...

Prosecco, cozy nights, good coffee, deep conversation,flamingos, vintage furniture, peonies, lazy mornings, my chow chow and kitty cat, gardening, drinking bourbon & my husband

I Love...